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The best place and the best care

Hogar PROPAM is a residence for elderly people with degrees of dependency. We are located in an exclusive residential area (San Ramón de Tres Ríos).


We offer you the best environment, with the best care and professional support.


Our person-centered gerontological care approach is backed by the experience and work of more than 30 years in the individualized and group care of older adults.

We offer :

Specialized services

The services of Hogar PROPAM are organized in modalities of permanent residence, monthly daily care, per days or per hours

Equipped facilities

We have authorization from the Ministry of Health, we offer large green areas and individual rooms adapted to the needs of each resident

Certified professionals

Professionals in gerontology, nursing, specialized medicine, physical therapy, psychology, nutrition and certified geriatric technicians

Llenar recetas

Specialized medicine

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