The Hogar PROPAM's services are aimed at the elderly or dependent people who require support to carry out the basic activities of their daily life and with health care.

Our services are organized in modalities of permanent stay, monthly day care, by days or by hours .

We are an option for those families who require support taking care of their loved ones with specific needs, whether these are due to ageing, dementia, loss of mobility due to chronic conditions, degenerative or terminal illnesses and the need for post-surgical recovery care. We specialize in the support and care of people with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

Permanent residence

Individualized 24/7 care service by health professionals

Daily Care and Short Stays

Daily care service with personalized attention, recreational and cognitive activities, socialization and health surveillance


Music therapy, movement therapy, manual activities and more

Meal service

Meal service based on a specialized nutritionist menu

Properly equipped facilities

The Hogar PROPAM is fully equipped to ensure peace and tranquility for you and your loved one.

Access to other medical services

Medical care, physiotherapy, psychology and more