About us

PROPAM Foundation


The PROPAM Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO) that works for improving people's welfare and quality of life.

Since 2007 our work has focused in educating and generating development opportunities in the population. We promote respect for the elderly when working with all age groups. Our mission is to promote educational processes that contribute to building the well-being and quality of life of people towards their aging process. Through education, social awareness, creative work and material and physical support, we guide people so that they can live or get to live their last stages of life empowered by their rights, feelings, thoughts, hobbies and aspirations.


  • PROPAM's National Caregivers School, caregivers specialized in the support of the elderly and dependant people

  • Certification for Supervising Caregivers

  • Training for elderly companions

  • Training of community care networks

  • Hogar PROPAM: residence for the elderly and people in need of care

  • Gerontological support for elderly groups

  • Social nursing services

  • Womens Workshop Program, animation of intergenerational groups for socialization and recreation, in rural and poor areas

  • Art Workshops for elderly groups

  • Awareness workshops aimed at public and private companies, schools, colleges, organizations and communities


About the PROPAM Home

The PROPAM Home opened its doors in 2015 offering a specialized person-centered gerontological care service. It is an exclusive location that offers its care services to 12 permanent residents and 5 people in our daily care service.

The best professional team for the best care

MSc. Maria Goni

Gerontologist and Specialist Nurse graduated from the University of Costa Rica, member of the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology

Dr. Mary Arce

Medical specialist in palliative care graduated from the Catholic University of Costa Rica

Mr. Alex Pereira

Physiotherapist graduated from Santa Paula University, with more than 12 years of experience